If Facebook Were A Country... It Would Rank No 3 In The World By Population !
Viral Social Networking, How It Works And Why It Can Work For Your Business
With over 400 million active users, Facebook alone has the power to supercede your Website, SEO and any other internet based exposure medium, Why... Facebook is based on friends, And Friends trust friends !
While not to diminish the importance of a website for relaying information about your business, nor SEO for increasing the ranking of your website for people who are looking for you, Compared to Social Networking both pale in comparison.

If you read what I just wrote above listen to what I said. The key words "People Who Are Looking For You "

In comparison, The entire premise and why it is critical these days to have a facebook page for your business is that

with a website, to be found people have to search you out. With a good facebook account and a large number of fans or
friends, those people by having you as a friend are telling their friends about you. Somewhat the equivalent of me calling all
my friends on the phone and saying "Go look at this website". And them, after viewing your site calling all of their friends to

say the same. Why I said or used the term "viral networking" is because it spreads in a similar fashion. Ultimately within a

short period of time you can have hundreds, thousands watching everthing what you do. Waiting for special offers etc.
Facebook is without a doubt the best link to your existing website, Use it !!!

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Facebook Usage 2004-2010 Growth Chart

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