Argonaut Diner - Centrally Located at 1084 Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers NY 10704
Argonaut Diner Reviews
"The argonaut is probably the best diner around. The food is good quality. The service is good and people are nice."

"In my opinion, best diner in the Yonkers area. Our go-to diner, and luckily, right down the block from us. Food is always good, service is always friendly and efficient, and the owner is always happy to see us. Very big menu, with a better selection than most diners, better specials, and even sections like a section for crepes, where they have 4 or 5 different crepes, or a complete Irish breakfast with the irish sausage, bacon, and black and white pudding. Good stuff."

"Breakfast was great!! Huuuuuge wraps and omlettes with very friendly waiter. "

"This is probably one of the best diners I've been to.
The food is good for a diner. The service is good. The place is clean. What else do you need from a diner??
If you're in the area and in the mood for diner food, definitely check it out."

"Best Diner in Yonkers!"

Clean, good service and quality food. Never had a problem here. Best all around. Finally, a diner with their act together.

This is the best, most efficient diner on Yonkers Avenue. The new menu offers a variety of new items as well as the old favorites like the New York Chicken Wrap and The Panini al Pesto. They now serve blintzes, crepes, nutella stuffed french toast, and parfaits. The service here is always quick and attentive. The dinner's are prepared fresh per order and the fish and steaks are always large. They have a full bar and delivery service from 11AM until 2PM. I encourage everyone to check out the diner and the new menu. You will not be disappointed

Five star in my mind, is when you can call a diner at 2am and order $30 worth of food to satisfy the inevitable hangover that will greet you in a mere few hours. Five star is when you pull up to the counter 15 minutes later and your fries, chicken fingers, burgers and onion rings are waiting for you, and in your possession after a quick 3 minute exchange of your credit card. And let me point out, that 3 minute exchange was a very pleasant one. I doubt I'd be that pleasant serving a slightly inebriated individual at that hour. Five star is passing out with a satisfied stomach.

The Argonaut Diner on Yonkers Avenue west of the Bronx River Parkway and east of the Raceway deserves 5 stars for many reasons, chief of which is the agreeable staff. Several times yearly, my friends scattered in metropolitan New York meet here for lunch. The menu offers a wide selection. The prices are reasonable. And the food is great. Round tables at either end can fit six or seven, and square tables can be aligned when we number ten or twelve. All roles in the staff have been welcoming, pleasant, helpful. Friends from Manhattan walk uphill from the Metro-North station called Mount Vernon West. Westchester friends find it easy to reach. And, for Long Islanders, the Bronx River Parkway to the new Yonkers Avenue exit (after exit 10) brings us within a half-mile. It's a handy and good place, and the food is prepared well.

I absolutely love this diner. Everytime I am in the neighborhood, my girl and I go and grab a bite here. I love their grilled chicken and portobello wrap or the steak and cheese quesedillas. And thier fries are awesome, regular or curly.

One of my favorite diners. I especially like their chicken teriyaki wrap. it's stuffed with delicious chicken and vegetables, and comes with a generous side of yellow rice (which is a welcome change from the standard side of french fries). fair prices...family-friendly atmosphere...great place!

"A staple in Yonkers, been going to this diner for over 20 years. always open, always good diner food."
The Owners and Staff Of The Argonaut Diner Would Like To Thank Our Loyal Customers For Their Reviews And Their 35 Years Of Unending Support !

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